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50 years of scanning barcodes 🎉

50 years ago on this day (June 26th, 1974), the first barcode was scanned at Troy’s Marsh Supermarket in Miami County, Ohio. The shopper (Clyde Dawson) chose a multi-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum as the first product to scan at checkout.

How VAAN & Pink Friday Nails get 38% of customers to include media with reviews

The VAAN Group recently worked with Nicki Minaj & her team to develop a brand identity & digital experience for Pink Friday Nails. They put together an in-depth overview of the process from start to finish including research, sampling, design, implementation & initial results. They also went into detail on the results from
Product updates

Junip integrates with Gorgias

Junip now integrates with Gorgias! This integration enables CX teams to read, reply & take action on reviews submitted by customers directly within their Gorgias support centre. You can learn more in our help docs: https://help.junip.co/en/articles/8908848-gorgias-guide & our integrations page: https://junip.co/integrations/gorgias Merchants
Product updates

Create Custom Apps with Webhooks

Merchants on Junip are now able to create private custom apps that can generate webhooks every time a review is submitted. Review submitted webhooks make it easy to trigger follow-up actions such as alerting internal teams of new reviews or rewarding customers with unique incentives. Custom apps your team builds
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