New Integration: Junip + Wonderment

Product updates Sep 27, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with Wonderment.

Leading brands on Shopify like BK Beauty, Hexclad, The Farmers Juice & Jones Road Beauty use Wonderment to improve customer retention and happiness with shipment data and native order tracking pages.

With Junip & Wonderment together, brands can make sure they meet customers when & where they’re most likely to leave a review.

How it works

Send review requests at the right time, every time

One star reviews are tough… some are caused by differences in personal taste, some by an issue with product quality, but often the cause is actually something brands can easily prevent.

When it comes to preventable reviews, the number one cause by far is WISMO (Where Is My Order).


Wonderment gathers shipment & delivery data for your brand directly from all major couriers. With our integration, you're able to use this delivery data as a trigger in Junip to kick off your review request flow, ensuring no customer is asked to leave a review before their order gets to them.

If a customer hasn’t received their product & you ask them to leave a review, they probably aren't going to have nice things to say. With Wonderment & Junip - this will never happen again.

Changing your Flow trigger in Junip is as simple as a couple of clicks:

That’s it! No more “never received my product” reviews.

Request reviews on your order delivered page

Wonderment doesn’t just improve your existing review requests though, they give you an entirely new way to prompt customers to leave a review on their native Order Tracking Pages.

Using Junip’s Review Links, you can add a dynamic review request block to your tracking page that only displays once an order is marked as delivered. When customers end up on this page you can gather reviews without ever having to send an email or SMS.

Integrating reviews into tracking pages creates a seamless post purchase experience that only the largest enterprises could previously offer - now available to thousands of brands on Wonderment & Junip.

Farmers Juice produces a line of amazing, nutritious cold pressed juices that help you feel your best everyday. We chatted with Hal from their marketing team about how he's putting this integration to work in a phase with so much growth -

“Wonderment & Junip are two secret weapons in our tech stack at Farmers Juice - bringing them together is a no-brainer for our team to create an amazing post purchase experience.”

-  Hal Zeitlin

If you want to avoid preventable one-star reviews, add a new way to gather reviews & upgrade your post purchase experience, give us a shout & let us show you how we can help! For those already on Junip & Wonderment - you can find the details to implement the integration here.


Co-founder at Junip

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