What to do when the Shopify Product Reviews app is deprecated in May 2024

Mar 11, 2024

Shopify recently announced that as of May 6, 2024 the Product Reviews app will be removed from Shopify - after this date, you'll no longer have access to your existing product reviews and your displays will no longer show on your site.

Details from Shopify's site on the deprecation of the Product Reviews App
From Shopify's site on the deprecation of the Product Reviews App

This is very important because it means that if you don't act soon, you could lose your reviews. But not to worry, we'll share instructions for how to get ahold of your reviews so that you don't lose them, and better yet, how to move to Junip so that you can do an even better job of collecting, displaying, and managing your reviews going forward after the SPR app is deprecated.

  1. You'll need to export your reviews from SPR so that you have a copy of them and won't lose them when the app is removed. Here's a guide to help with that.
  2. Next up is finding a new reviews app that you can use as a replacement. Junip will be the best choice as it offers powerful and intuitive review functionality at a very approachable price (paid plans start as low as $19/mo). We've written a detailed step-by-step guide on migrating from SPR to Junip that will help you move over and make sure to bring all of your reviews over with you.
Moving to Junip can be done in minutes - it's easy, quick, and will allow you to automatically collect reviews from customers who purchase on your Shopify site. Our seamless forms will were designed to help you collect more reviews!

Ready to get started?

You can use the button below to create an account (free) and get started with Junip. We're happy to connect you with someone from our team if you want to walk through the platform as well.


If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at support@juniphq.com. We also have office hours every Tuesday 12:30-1:00PM that you can sign up for here!

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Marcus Cardoso

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