Using Custom Questions to Dig Deeper in Reviews

Product updates Dec 4, 2020

Custom questions, much like product traits, allow you to make a review come alive with stories & extra context from your customers. Currently Junip enables two types of custom questions for our brands, multiple choice & short answer.

Multiple choice questions are able to be filtered on the PDP (Product Display Page) by customers browsing your store.

We’ve seen brands in the apparel industry ask for height, brands in skin care ask for skin type & many more types of questions - you have complete freedom in what you ask your customers. One of our favorite examples is Populum, who asks customers for their previous experience with CBD.

With a product like CBD, experience is very relevant to the review itself.

Greg Gorzkowski, SVP at Materia Ventures tells us “CBD brands really depend on social proof” he continues “... a customer's experience level radically affects how a review should be interpreted. New users don’t have a frame of reference, so their review ends up being more about CBD in general as opposed to evaluating a specific product”.

Many other industries have similarly critical pieces of information that are getting left out of reviews, simply cause brands aren’t specifically asking for them.

Where multiple choice questions are about adding context, short answer questions are here to help tell a better story. We’ve seen grocery companies ask customers what dish they’re planning to prepare with an ingredient & performance apparel brands ask what a customers favorite workout routine is.

The bag review on Baboon to the Moon below is fairly pedestrian to begin (sturdy, user friendly), but with custom questions it becomes a story.

Michael shares about fly fishing, Yellowstone, Glacier & the Grand Tetons, by the end you get the impression that Baboon doesn't just make a nice looking bag... but that it really does put in the work alongside any kind of trip.

Our intention with custom questions isn’t to suggest that every brand or product should have all of these elements. Rather, this is simply another piece in Junip’s flexible review model that can complement the core stars, text & media we’ve come to know.

Get started today to leverage custom questions for your brand on our Standard plan, alternatively you can reach out to support ( or sales ( to get some feedback on how to best use these tools.


Co-founder at Junip

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