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Product updates Jan 08, 2020

Reviews today have become a pain for everyone.

It seems in all the features & business requirements, we may have forgotten the humans who experience these platforms every day.

The forms & submission experiences customers have to go through to leave a review are joyless and feel like a chore, the admin experience brands have to use are an afterthought, and often review requests border on spam.

Yet we all continue on with annoying options because reviews are so critical to the customer journey. Beyond just a star rating, customers rely on reviews to tell them intimate details about a product.

They look to see how a mountain bike holds up in everyday use on rough terrain, how a pair of jeans fits after going through the wash, or how the vitamins they’re considering actually impact daily health.

It’s no surprise that countless academic papers, including this one from Northwestern show time & again that authentic customer reviews skyrocket conversion rates. Reviews help brands make the eCommerce experience human.

While reviews today may be painful, they’re still absolutely critical.

They just need to be redeemed.

So we built Junip.

Today we’re rolling out Junip in public beta on the Shopify platform. It’s a platform that helps entrepreneurs of all stages create a review experience customers love. We’re excited for you to try it out.

When you use Junip, you’ll quickly notice a few things that are different from what exists in reviews today.

Our submission experience is progressive & animated, seamlessly gathering content from customers without feeling like a chore. During our private beta, brands saw significant jumps in reviews submitted, customers who completed multiple reviews, & reviews submitted with photos or other media. Anecdotally, they’re just plain fun to use.

junip reviews dashboard

The admin experience is simple & easy to learn while still holding powerful features. Thanks to the Shopify team & their Polaris framework, we can package this all in an interface that’s familiar to you.

product traits

Junip’s on-site scripts are lightweight & mobile first, they inherit your styles, don’t force you to create a new theme and there’s no custom coding required. Smart displays give brands the option to dynamically hide our content on products that don’t yet have reviews.

You never have to code to use Junip, but if our out of the box options & customization don’t quite fit what you’re looking for it’s simple to edit the CSS right within your Shopify theme.

Over the next few months of our public beta, you can expect us to continue making significant improvements to the platform.

We'll bring even more functionality to submissions, open up a powerful developer experience & spend much more time on the review request process. Beyond that, there are a few other exciting things in the works that we’ll share more about soon.

If you’re in the Shopify space, we’d love for you to join us & give Junip a try. We can’t wait to hear all your thoughts, questions & ideas as we build reviews customers love, together.


Co-founder at Junip

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